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The Second Award Ceremony of CSMU

   At 3 p.m. on June 3, 2015, the award ceremony of scholarship (both province-level and university level) for the international students in Changsha Medical University and of Chinese-song Contest and Chinese Speech Contest was held at the Lecture Hall on the 6th floor of the Administrative Building in our university. President of Changsha Medical University, He Binsheng, Party Secretary of the University, Wei Renzhong, Dean of the university, Shen Jiyun, Executive Vice-President, Lu Jiexiang, Chairman of First Affiliated Hospital, Yin Bangliang, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee, Zou Chunhua, and the members of middle-level cadre attended this ceremony.

   There are altogether 106 international students obtaining awards during this award ceremony. Students such as NGONO CHRISTINE PULCHERIE and MATILULLAH, etc. were awarded Scholarship for International Students in Hunan Province in 2013-2014 academic year; students such as KHAN NADEEM and KHAN FARHAN, etc. were awarded Scholarship in Changsha Medical University; students such as UILE RAISSAN and KANYEMBA PEMPHO TRACEYP, etc. got prizes in the Chinese-song Contest; and students such as BASHIR HASSAN JAMA and JAVED HAFIZA TAYABA got prizes in the Chinese Speech Contest. This ceremony was held for the purpose of giving commendation to these students, advocating other international students to learn from them and making a good atmosphere for competition and study. The ceremony was hosted by the Dean of the University, Shen Jiyun, and began with the solemn national anthem. Dean Shen Jiyun, in his address for this ceremony, expressed his congratulations to these students and encouraged all the international students to make more efforts and better achievements. Afterwards, Vice-President Lu Jiexiang announced the name list of winners, and all the leaders awarded prizes to the corresponding students. After the awarding, SHAHZAD FAISAL of 2012 Batch and BAJRACHARYA JYOTI of 2014 Batch, representing the winners, gave a speech in the ceremony, expressing their gratitude to China’s government and Changsha Medical University for such generous scholarships. And they expressed their resolution to study hard and make more achievements. At last, President He Binsheng, in his address for this award ceremony, expressed his congratulations to the winners and proposed the following suggestions and requirements to all the international students in the university: First, the international students should study harder and improve professional skills so that they can lay good foundation for their further careers, and they should also have the aspiration to become a good doctor and make some contributions to the world’s medical treatment and public health after their graduation; Second, the international students should obey all the rules and regulations of Changsha Medical University and various arrangements made by our university and teachers, and they should try to make some achievements in both study and life in Changsha Medical University. Third, the office of International Exchanges Division, foreign language department and other relevant departments were required to organized more academic and entertainment activities for international students to enrich their campus life. Forth, the university welcomed all international students to give some constructive suggestions which are beneficial to universities’ development. President He Binsheng’s address greatly inspired all the international students and encouraged them to devote themselves into study more passionately. After that, this ceremony ended with a warm applause.

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