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Chinese Speech Competition of International Education Institute in CSMU

  The first Session of International Students’ Chinese Speech Competition in CSMU was successfully held by International Exchanges Division on lecture hall of administration building. The competition was hosted by Xia He from 2010 batch and all the teaching stuff and international students have appreciated this wonderful competition.

  The topic of this Chinese Speech Contest is My View on China. The competition is divided into two parts, speech and alternative talent show or impromptu Q&A. For the 16 competitors’ excellent performance from 2012 and 2013 batch, all the audiences are able to savor the Chinese cultural feast. With delicate preparation for the speech draft and PPT, each player has expressed their own impressions on China. Dafu in 2012 mentioned that “In China I am used to having rice with chopsticks. I am impressed by the nature of hospitality, punctuality and enthusiasm of Chinese people. They are also polite, respecting the elderly and cherishing the young”. Yang Li sincerely expressed that “I have been having an extraordinarily happy life and study in China, for I fell in love with Chinese land so deeply”. The competitors can be alternative to either demonstrate their own strain capacity and Chinese language organization competence or perform their talents and skills. The Ghanaian student Ping An from 2013 batch and the Nepalese student Da Fu from 2013 batch have performed Chinese Kongfu to the audience, the Pakistani student Ji Ya have also showed Chinese calligraphy to everybody with writing brush in her hand. Nepalese student Jie Shi in 2012 batch have sung a nice Chinese song to the audience. The wonderful performance including their fluent Chinese, very funny Chinese stories and unique feeling about China have captured the applause and cheer from the audience on spot.

After the drastic competition, the first prize was at last awarded to Somalia student in 2012 batch with 95.4 points. The three students, Ji Ya , Ping An, Gu Wensen from 2013 batch have won the second prize.


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