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The teacher introduced

Jiexiang Lu
PhD supervisor

Current Appointments
Executive vice president of Changsha Medical University
Executive Director of Society of Medical Education, Chinese Medical Association
Vice president of Management Institute, Higher medical education
Vice president of Institute for Hunan Medical Education

Professional Experience
Academic dean and Deputy Secretary of Hunan Medical College
Deputy Party Secretary of XiangYa Hospital Central South University

Research interest
1. Higher medical education 
2. Social Medicine and Health Management

The provincial or ministerial result prize for several times

Jiming Zhu PhD
Research interest: Histology and Embryology

Current Appointments
Vice President of Hunan Society for Anatomical Sciences

Professional Experience
1992 Washington University School of Medicine

Award and Publication
Second prize of Hunan natural science
Be awarded twice of Provincial Teaching Achievement Prize
Excellent Teacher of Hunan Medical College
Over thirty theses on teaching and research
In the academic publication publishes 30 disquisitions publicly, subeditor or the senate arrange 12 monographs


Dongsheng Wen PhD
He has published 45 disquisitions publicly, subeditor or the senate arrange 7 monographs. He has won National Scientific Conference Award; Second Prize of Ministry of Health received the scientific achievement award; third prize of Outstanding Achievement Award of science and technology commission

Jianhua Yang PhD
He is the leader of the teachers in Hunan Provincial Teaching Team. He has won two First Prizes of National Award and two Second Prizes; has been awarded six national patents; published 6 monographs; has published over 80 disquisitions.

Runqiu Wu PhD
He is a prestigious herbalist doctor in Hunan province. He has long engaged in teaching and researching of traditional Chinese medicine. His great academic attainments have won him a reputation in China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is the editor and subeditor of 24 monographs. And also he has published over 40 disquisitions.

Mingde Tang PhD
He has published over 40 disquisitions, and is editor and subeditor of 6 monographs. He has won a academic attainments of Hunan Environmental protection scientific research. He has won 2 second prizes and three third prizes of Hunan Medical Science and Technology Achievements.

Shuying Zhao PhD
Her has engaged in preventive medicine, maternal and children health care over 36 years. She had paid an visiting in Australia for a year and won a united fund. She guided over 10 postgraduates, and has published over 30 disquisitions.

Yi Zhou PhD
She has engaged in clinical teaching and researching for over 30 years. She headed and participated in provincial and city scientific research topic many times. She has published over 30 disquisitions. She has been awarded Excellent Teaching Prize for many times. He is the editor and subeditor of 6 monographs.

Aihua Yuan PhD
She is the dean of the School of Nursing of Changsha Medical University. She has a 40-years experience in education of clinical care and management. She has published 22 disquisitions. She is the editor and subeditor of 8 monographs. And also she headed and participated in 8 topics of provincial and city scientific research.

Current Appointments
Member of a council of the School of Nursing, the Society of National Higher medical education.
Member of a council of the School of Nursing, the Society of Hannan Higher medical education.
Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Nursing.
Standing Editorial Board Member of Journal of Chinese Modern Nursing.
Standing committee of Specialist Advisors for Chinese Journal of Traditional and Western Medicine.

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