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何彬生  (Binsheng He)
    The chairman of the board of directors He Binsheng, PhD, MD leads Changsha Medical University, and is member of JiuSan central committee, a National Eeducation Advanced Worker and model worker, and the Top-grade Merit Citation winner of Hunan province, Professor of China National Instructive Committee of Education. He has published 6 monographs, taken charge of research projects at the national level 1 and provincial 7 and also has published over 30 disquisitions, including 9 first prize awards of Province and Ministry.

 胡冬煦 (Dongxu Hu)
    President Hu Dongxu, PhD, MD, Chief Physician was the party secretary and principle of Hunan Medical College, and has then become the party secretary and principle of Central South University. He is a professional educator in China, Professor of Management and Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. He is one of the First National Excellent Educators, which is the highest level of achievement in China to honor the excellent educators.

 魏仁忠 (Renzhong Wei) 
    Wei Renzhong, the party secretary of Changsha Medical University, is the steering Commissioner for Hunan Government. He has committed in education for over 20 years.

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